15 January 2014
15 January 2014,
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Spinal cord injury is a difficult medical problem around the world. If the condition is serious, the damage would be great, even paralysis. Treatment for spinal cord injury is very important. Now stem cell therapy is a promising method for spinal cord injury.

Spinal cord injury means the damage to soft tissue in the spinal cord. If the spinal cord injury is cured, the damaged soft tissue should be repaired totally. In the past doctors thought the nerve cells couldn’t regenerate. Recently doctors have found that it wasn’t right and nerves cells can regenerate. However, researchers still haven’t found out any treatment that can cure spinal cord injury, even stem cell therapy.

Stem cell therapy involves administering special self-regenerating cells, with the hope that these cells will then colonise the damaged area, assume the properties of their neighbors and reinstate at least some of the function that’s been compromised by injury or disease. Stem cells can regenerate, repair, and replace the damaged nerve cells in the injury. Stem cells secrete trophic factors, which nourish and activate the damaged nerve cells and endogenous silent neural stem cells. All of these can repair the damaged cells in the spinal cord.

Stem cell therapy has been applied into clinic and many patients with spinal cord injury have benefit from it so far. This treatment does improve the condition greatly. For example, a person has paralysis as a result of the spinal cord injury. After one or more courses of stem cell therapy, he may have more sensation and even can walk.

Though stem cell therapy is very effective for spinal cord injury, it still can’t cure it. Concerning to the properties of stem cells, many studies have done for it. In the future, spinal cord injury may be cured with stem cell therapy.

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